Letโ€™s create together! Now that weโ€™re all at home it might just be the perfect time to get creative and up-cycle some old clothing.

Do you have an old shirt lying around that could use a personal touch? Cut a bitbird top, customize our cap, paint our flag, or maybe even make you very own bitbird apparel out of old clothing.ย 

To get you started we created a template you can use in your DIY creations, which you can download for free below. Play around with textile paint, different colored markers or transfer an image to a t-shirt.

Follow us on social media to get inspired, and donโ€™t forget to tag us @bitbird or use #bitbirdDIY when you post your creations online so we can all inspire each other.ย If you would rather not upload your creations online, you can show us what you made by submitting you creations in this form.ย 

Stay home, stay safe, and create forever
Download Template